About Sarah-Len


First, I would like to thank you for choosing Happy, Healthy, Wealthy for trusted, researched and effective information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy body, through fun, easy and affordable means,

My Story…

My name is Sarah-Len Mutiwasekwa, 24 years of age and I live in Zimbabwe. I was born in a family of three, me being the last with two older siblings, a brother, and a sister. I studied Food Science and Nutrition for four years and I found it to be a passion to help others eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I decided to write about it to impact as many lives as possible when it comes to eating healthy and living healthy.

A personal experience that led me to be passionate to do this work was that I realized everyone around me including myself didn’t fully understand what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is more than just eating a balanced diet and exercising. Realizing this, I decided to start a blog that could help people live a healthier, happier and wealthy lifestyle. In other words, a well-rounded lifestyle.



Why this website?

With the increase in fast-paced lifestyle, it is most likely that most of us have lost sight of the true meaning of being healthy. Technology is advancing, knowledge and awareness are evolving and this overwhelms most of us while we try to catch up with everything and everyone else. Catching up can be exhausting and discouraging and this can cause us to lose ourselves in many ways.

But it isn’t too late to start doing something about it. Whether you are affected or not play a part in making this world a less unhealthy place. I have chosen to use my blog, together with my education, combined with many available products, and services out there, that also have the same cause as mine, to help others live a healthier and fulfilling life.

It is everyone’s duty to contribute to the world and I hope this blog leaves a positive impact on someone’s life.

The goal of this website.

The purpose of this site is not to shame anyone or to make anyone feel bad about themselves. It is believed, the first step to recovery is acceptance, which is why I would like to believe you are on this site. If you have accepted your condition of not being fully healthy then CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are on your way to being happy, healthy and wealthy.

The reason why I called the site happy, healthy, wealthy is that health is wealth and when you have invested in your health and wellness you have invested in the most priceless thing in this world. My goal is to walk with you throughout this journey until you get to the finishing line. It’s not a race, rather yes, it’s a race but you are the only participant, move at your pace till you get to the finishing line. There is a reward at the end of it and it's all yours.

Next Steps...

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